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My Bio

Kizazi was born to a small pride in a beautiful land.which he would one day be king of. He had always hated killing until he became a young adult. He was at the waterhole when he heard screams coming from the den, he ran to the den to see who it was, when he arrived he took a look inside and saw his older brother Dark closing in on their mother, she was screaming and tears were dripping from her face and on the ground was Kizazi's father, he was dead. Dark was closing in on their mother, and when he reached her he killed her, Kizazi ran away fearing for his life, he swore he would not die till his brother was killed by his own paws, he now lives to this day searching for his brother determined to exact his revenge.

My Occupation

Wasting precious space

My Hobbies

Painting my nails, being weird, playing games, watching T.V., going to friend's houses, using the internet.

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